.: Waddesdon Manor :.

When a friend of ours invited us to go with him to Waddesdon Manor a couple of weeks ago, we could only say yes! Having seen his photos from this place, it was already on my wishlist.

How to reach Waddesdon Manor

So it’s actually quite a short drive from London, not so easy if you’re going by train (2h commute)

It’s a shame it was almost raining and quite cold the day we went, but still could see how gorgeous the house was

Impossible not to love this gorgeous house, every single detail is impressive!

One of the most important aspects of this house is about being able to transform according to the seasons. I compared against my friend’s photos from summer time and the changes are quite impressive. The garden changes every season as well

After that we went for some noodles in Aylesbury before heading back home. Need to go back on a sunny day

What’s your favourite House & Garden?