.: Looking ahead :.

First of all, happy new year! Hope everyone managed to make the most of the holidays.

I’ve started 2017 the best way possible, in bed! For the first time since baby was born had 5h sleep in a row, so was quite pleased. I’m already back to the same rubbish nights of not sleeping more than 3h in a row.

Anyway, even though I like to make goals along the way as opposed to wait for a new year, I also like to take advantage of the opportunity to look into the previous year (as I did here). and also to plan ahead what I’m planning to do.

I’m keeping it quite simple this year in terms of goals, pretty much just have 1 which is to win the reflux battle so baby and I can sleep more and enjoy more each other.

I’m also looking forward to travel again, as I did quite a big pause. Last time I went on a plane was April when we did our trip to Japan.

The first trip I’m going to do is an obvious choice, going to spend 3 weeks in Portugal so I can see my family and my friends. It’s been pretty much a year since I’ve managed to go back there. So really looking forward to the first trip. It will also be the first time I’m flying with baby Em, so if anyone has any tips about flying with babies please let me know!

You can check some tips here from Snotty Noses

You can check some tips here from Snotty Noses

Apart from going back to Portugal, planning a revisit to Barcelona. I really loved the city when I was there almost 10 years ago. Loved the food markets, the gothic side of the city, it’s just so unique!

Would also love to be back into Japan or maybe visit some friends in San Francisco

Picture from Lonely Planet

Picture from Lonely Planet

UK wise would also be nice to go back to Scotland and Lake District.

I won’t be travelling that much most likely, but will need to make the most of every single moment I manage.

Any plans for this year?