.: 2015 review (Yes another of those posts!) :.

I know and I apologise, it’s another my year review post. There are millions of them out there, mine is just another one. Yet, I couldn’t resist it. Sometimes it helps to look into the past to put things into perspective and in a way to celebrate all the little achievements.

All the posts I have been reading so far, make my life feel completely uninteresting and that I haven’t really done anything. Everyone went into amazing places and went to fancy restaurants. But, I can’t help feeling that I did the things I wanted to do and were relevant to me. If I could earn money without spending my days in the office (and carrying luggage every single week), probably I would. But then again probably I wouldn’t value every single moment as much as I do, because I don’t have that many of those.

What I’ve also realised was, while talking with friends and colleagues, it seems I’m quite determined to explore UK, whereas some of them, born in this green island haven’t seen half of it, which makes me thing that I’m not doing that bad.

This year my other half also started to do photography which meant we had a few weekends just exploring around and taking photos together. I would definitely say this was one of the milestones this year 🙂

For 2015 I had very few goals: work less, enjoy more and try to sleep in my bed most of the time. That was a fail I’m afraid. But still I have a sense of accomplishment, I’ve realised I can’t keep on waiting for the things I want, I need to cherish the moment and dare to do more and do different (e.g. went to a comic con dressed as a virgin guard from the Dictator). As for the sleep in my bed, there’s finally hope after 5 years away, at least in January will stay in London which I find hard to believe.

I’m still practising the being nice moto which I’ve started at the end of 2014, in fact I’m expanding it and ensuring I treat people with a smile (everyone by default) and I notice them. I left the hotel I’ve stayed for more than 1 and half years with a postcard signed by the staff that just made my day. I respect everyone, even more those that actually do a lot of hard-work, our society needs people willing to work rather than sit and wait for some magical benefits. I like to think everyone has a chance, one day you might be working at a small little store, the next day you might become the CEO of a successful startup. If you treat people nicely, good things will come to you as well. I’m keen to carry on doing exactly that. It’s so easy in the end!

Books read this year: 3 or 4 so massive failure

Places I’ve been in 2015

  • January: No travel, but most weekends I had something with friends, so it was quite good from a social point of view! Highlight of the month: Our first time attending a Cabaret (Thanks Zomato)
  • February: Drive for a weekend away in Lille. Even though it was raining most of the weekend, I just loved it!
  • March: Lisbon was his choice this month as it’s his birthday. He always wants to go back to Lisbon to see our friends back there. I have to say this was one of the best stays I’ve had in Lisbon and it was quite magical to watch the sunset in my sister’s zen place. Absolutely inspiring.
  • April: Easter break in Copenhagen – quite a relaxing weekend for the two of us. It was good to be away and break the routine and watch the sunset and take some nocturnal photos together, even if it too cold for that.
  • May: May was quite a month! We moved houses in just a weekend and we had an opening lunch the Monday just right after. Following weekend we went away to Cornwall just to enjoy and relax.
  • June: Had my parents over to visit my new place and took them to Sky Garden. I was pretty stressed out that day as I received a call from work and would have to cancel all my weekend. In the end I escaped and managed to enjoy the fact that they were around. Also had a lovely tea at the Maids of Honour (ahh so happy to live so close to Kew!)
  • July: We went to the Zomato party. We were feeling really shy because we didn’t knew anyone but in the end it was really good fun and something we wouldn’t normally do. Also we went to visit a Lavender field which was on my wishlist for ages.
  • August: The highlight of the month was finding a beach with fluffy sand here in UK. We felt like children running around. Had no idea how I missed fluffy sand on my feet (the perks of being a south portuguese). We also had a weekend away in Lake District, which I love and look forward to come back to.
  • September: Back to Portugal for the “summer low cost” holidays. I had the chance to take him to Porto and visit a good friend of hours. Was amazing to go back to the Port tasting. So good!
  • October: was excellent for street photography and it was the start of my Wed. Night out Club at work in Bristol. My liver wasn’t very happy even if I was!
  • November: It’s my month so I have the chance of selecting the place I want to visit this year. This year decided it was time to visit the big apple, because everyone else I know has been there and I was curious to be able to compare it against London. It was better than I expected! People were really nice and actually felt quite peaceful, especially walking around the Central Park (sorry Hyde Park, but this is far better)
  • December: We went for a weekend away in Snowdania – North Wales (his choice), although it was spot on the storm weekend, so we didn’t enjoy anything outdoors, but we’ve agreed to be back.

Looking forward to 2016, not because I expect it will be far better than this year, but because it’s my chance to do different and continuing doing all the things I’ve enjoyed this year 🙂

What was your best moment of 2015? Any special learning you would like to share?