.: Commuting Stories :.

Hi there!

Wow I seriously have no idea when was the last time I’ve added a post here, but between being really busy at work and any time left for my daughter, all my “hobbies” were on stand-still. No time to write and no time for photos. I really missed both.

I guess it helps that I’m on holidays and this week she’s at the nursery πŸ˜€ (this is a once a year event)

Anyway, I started to take photos again but all from my phone, but I still wanted to share them because they remind me that “the best camera is the one you have with you” and it’s all about paying attention to your surroundings and properly watch what goes around you and take time to appreciate what’s so close to us. All the photos are different, however they are all from the pretty much the same daily commuting journey.

Flight to Lux (ok, this is not from my daily commute)

And on the same evening

On my way to the nursery:

Train to waterloo

Walk to the station

On my way to the office

My old commute before I changed house in October

All taken from my phone as I don’t carry my camera to work. Do you ever take photos on your daily commute?

Have a lovely Xmas break πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “.: Commuting Stories :.

  1. I used to use my phone to take random pictures during my daily commute, which back and forth ads to 3+ hours, but ever since I had obtained a decent, pocketable point and shoot DSLR, I carry it with me everywhere I go and take pictures nearly every day. What a great way to recharge your emotional batteries and balance out your daily chores.

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    • probably I should try that, but as my phone camera is pretty good (P10) I never carry my sony A6000 (which even though it’s portable, not something I would want to carry every day). Yes for me close to 3h as well. But I really enjoy paying attention to what’s around me and try to capture different moments. In the afternoon I tend to run for the train so rarely take any pictures πŸ™‚


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