.: Polesden Lacey – Dorking – Surrey :.

First of all, I’m still here!!! I barely have a chance to post anything these days and I don’t even remember when was the last time I took the camera with me. I’ve just been using the phone because it’s quick to put back in the bag in case I need to run after her or just hold her.

I have to say I’m really a fan of the national trust! The list of gorgeous places to visit is so big and perfect for the family. In my country most people go to the nearest shopping center as opposed to explore around. Sad but true

As the weather wasn’t that great, we’ve decided to go to Polesden Lacey (less than 1h away from us) and was totally worth it. The views are amazing (it’s Surrey after all)

If you want to visit the house you need to time your visit between 11h and 14h and you’ll ge a time slot assigned (I really love the idea as opposed to have the house overcrowded)

I loved all the details around the house to help us glimpse what was the purpose of each room and look less “museum” like


After the house we’ve ventured outside. A lot of people were doing picnics to take advantage of the views

We didn’t explore the garden as much because she was getting hungry. But we will be back for sure 🙂

How to find it – google maps

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