.: A thought on holidays :.

Now that everyone is going on holidays – with some of those travelling to my hometown in Algarve – and me in countdown for mine (and for all the sleep I’m expecting to have!!!), I just realised that I never had away holidays all my childhood. Yap, for real!

Why would we go on holidays if we were living where everyone else was coming for holidays? We would start going to the beach in April and carry on until October. Every weekend we would have a walk along the beach with my parents and we would also come sometimes after school. While we never went away for the holidays, we had quite a tradition at home, whereby each Sunday we would go out, somewhere. Either to explore the west cost (Costa Vincentina – this is surely one of the most beautiful coasts I know!), or we would go to the mountains and jump between the rocks in the small rivers. We also went to Spain a few times, so we were never bored at home!

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When it was crazy busy over summer in our hometown we would head to Lisbon and spend our August there with my great-grandfather and my uncle.

The first time ever we went away together I was already 25, and that’s when I’ve organised a long weekend away to celebrate my parents 25th Anniversary. Ever since we always try to do a long weekend away together per year.

Because we were always doing something on the weekends, I never realised that unlike our friends, we were not doing holidays away from home.

It’s all about the quality time we had together throughout every day of the year.

Maybe this is why I value so much exploring close to home as going away. There’s so much beauty around us that sometimes we don’t set ourselves to go and explore. I think this was such a valuable lesson from my parents that is something I’ll want to carry on for as long as I can.

Do you have any special memories of your holidays away with your family?

2 thoughts on “.: A thought on holidays :.

  1. yes:) I live by the sea too:) as a child we used to visit my mum’s family abroad.we did take a couple of beach holidays too but not many since we have sea almost on our doorstep:)


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