.: Home… is where the heart is :.

Everyone says: home is where the heart is. I totally agree and I have to say my heart is in so many places. Home…. once born in South Portugal, that was what I thought it was going to be my forever home:

This is home! My feet on the wet sand with the sound of the waves breaking slowly as my soundtrack. The smell of the sea, the sound of the seagulls and the boats. If I close my eyes I can easily imagine myself back.

Home was also to go to the mountains and jump between the rocks and climb trees with my sis and my dad

We had a fair amount of outdoors life when growing up and amazing weather! Looking back I feel privileged!

Then I went to uni when I was 17th and moved to Lisbon, which was my home for 8 years! I love Lisbon! This is where most of my friends live and where we’ve started to live together almost 10 years ago.

It means Fado, it means Saudade…. oh I miss it quite a lot! It’s quite funny because since I was a little girl I knew I wanted to live in Lisbon. Every time I go back now it feels like holiday, but still comes harder and harder to come back. Regardless where I am in the world, a big part of my heart will always be in Lisbon!

I also know I’ll be back one day, just a matter of when

Then more than 5 years ago I moved to London and whereas the first year was getting used to it, it started to feel like home.

It’s amazing to live in such a multicultural city surrounded by historical monuments around us. Ever since I moved to South West London, I do feel at home here. I love Chiswick, Kew & Richmond. Love the gardens and the pubs.

I’ve also spent 2 years in Bristol, which I could easily call home as well. The whole lifestyle, people enjoying life a bit more, socialising and being more friendly than in London was something I could easily adapt to

So I have to admit my heart is broken with all this #Brexit topic, because I never believed it would happen at all. The place which I’m calling home might no longer be so in the years to come. I can imagine the pain of the people being sent “home” feel heartbroken when home is precisely where they are. Hard to see a country being broken apart fuelled by lies and blindness.

So who knows what home might be tomorrow, at least I had the joy of considering a few places like home. All of them will always be special to me 🙂


14 thoughts on “.: Home… is where the heart is :.

  1. The Brexit has been a difficult and depressing fact to come to terms with, but I hope we can all pull together to overcome the setback and make the best of a bad situation. Lovely blog post by the way : )

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    • I still have hope they won’t go ahead with it in the end, as there’s no way they can get free trade without free movement of people. Still hope for some sense but worried about racism and xenophobia. But I agree, together we can make the difference and protect each other 🙂

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      • Me too. Sadly I’ve already experienced some xenophobia – it seems the referendum result has emboldened trolls to be more verbally aggressive out on the streets. It’s a worrying time.


  2. yap sad times ahead. the only thing we can do is to communicate all those hate crimes to the local councils and local authorities. Hopefully things improve. But yeah, whereas before it was all about being politically correct suddenly there’s a blank canvas to be an ass. It gives a really bad image of England as a country, as most of these people (behind the hate crimes) tend to be chavs anyway


  3. Neil James Brain says:

    Hi! You seem to have used my photo of Clifton Suspension Bridge without my knowledge or permission. Please can you at least credit me if you are going to take my photo and use them on your blog?


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