.: Pancake Day :.

Any day is a good day for pancakes. To wake up feeling relaxed on the weekend and start preparing together pancakes. Because pancake day was mid week we didn’t really had the chance to prepare them. Also Sunday tends to be the day where we have a brunch, normally scrambled eggs with cherry tomato, but I just couldn’t resist pancakes.

We tend to use Nigella’s recipe (here). We did only half of it, although we’ve kept the 2 eggs and a bit more than half of the milk. As we were so keen on jumping on them as soon as possible, we’ve ended up using 2 pans to finish the batter faster


In between each pancake I was adding a thin layer of nutella


I’ve ended up with 3 pancakes and he kept 4 of them. On the top I’ve added a lot of strawberries


So yummy! This is what I call a good breakfast ๐Ÿ™‚

Btw, it happens that today is also Valentines day. We don’t really celebrate it, simply because I believe each day is a good day to be celebrated, to do the things we love together. I rather celebrate the special days for us, like the day we’ve started to live together (almost 9 years ago!) or the day we’ve started dating (back in 2004). I find Valentine’s quite a commercial day where you almost feel obliged to do something, like taking your love one for a special romantic (and expensive dinner).

The good thing about it, is that all heart-shaped chocolates will be half price!

Although I wouldn’t mind the surprise that Mrs O. just had, which was “prepare some clothing for a weekend away, temperatures around 15h degrees” with the time that she would have to be at the airport. This is what I call a proper surprise ๐Ÿ˜€

Do you celebrate Valentine’s?


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