.: Last morning in NYC :.

One of the things we hadn’t done yet was to have a proper American breakfast. As we had been enjoying the delicious fresh breakfast in the hotel, we hadn’t really been out. So our last morning had to be the one. Even better because we had one of the most famous places right in front of the Marquis: Junior’s. There is always a queue, so you’ll probably wait 30m but it’s worth it.

I’ve ordered pancakes with Canadian bacon. So good and filling! It looks much smaller than it is! I just couldn’t finish it


So good!!!!

After that we went for a walk before getting out taxi back to the airport.

Couldn’t resist this one…. windows playing it’s magic

We’ve ended up going to Beer Authority (they also have a beer garden) Really good choice actually. It looks like a pub, it has a really good selection of beers, staff is really friendly (yes I know, this has been quite a theme). Perfect place to chill out with some friends.


I just had a stout and I think he had at least 3 different pints. I’ve also ordered a pizza just to help me out with the beer, but I have to admit I was still so full from breakfast I couldn’t finish it.


And then it was time to get back to London. Our flight ended up being delayed almost 2h due to problems with the traffic control plus extra 30m flying in circles in Heathrow. It felt good to be back home.

In the end I would say NY surprised me quite a lot. It was not my dream trip at all, just wanted to visit it and I’ve really enjoyed it! It has a lot to offer and to explore in Manhattan alone. Wouldn’t mind being back in a few years time 🙂

Have you been in NY? What’s your thoughts?

4 thoughts on “.: Last morning in NYC :.

    • It’s totally worth it. A lot of people said: it’s my dream place or whatever, it wasn’t mine and it still isn’t. But I did enjoy it a lot and would love to go back, so yes worth to go at least once 🙂

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