.: New York Day 6 :.

This was going to be our last full day in NY and also the day I had decided to swap hotels and move to the centre of the Times Square to the famous Marquis Hotel.

It was actually sad to check out from the Essex House, as we really felt so comfortable and almost at home. The staff was so friendly and just in front of the central park, what else could a girl want? But I was keen on experiencing the buzz on our last night.

So after breakfast and before check out, we went for our last walk in the central Park. There’s not such a thing as too much central park, especially on such a sunny morning like this

Did you know there is a castle in the middle of central Park? Yap, there is, and it has a really nice view

Then time to check out and check in at the Marquis Hotel. If you want to experience all the buzz from the times square, this is the place to be. On the first floors it’s actually a theatre.

Challenge nr 1 was to find the reception. One would assume reception would be on GF or maybe 1st floor right? Not here, this one is on the 4th floor. It’s just so huge! Because it’s so busy, you won’t get the same cosy and personalised vibe as you would get elsewhere. But that’s part of the experience too.

Our room, even if big was a big disappointing. I guess we’ve got spoiled at our previous hotel. The view was also to a backstreet.

IMAG3148 IMAG3149


IMAG3150 IMAG3151 IMAG3153 IMAG3154 IMAG3155

This is the famous lift area. You press your floor and it will tell you what is the next available lift. It’s quite impressive to use these as you go all the way up to the top.



We went for a lunch and for a walk around then it was time for a shower before heading up to the top bar. So the Marquis is also quite famous for it’s 360 view rotating view. That’s right, the top floor with the bar and restaurant rotate around so in 1h you’ll be able to enjoy a 360 view, which is called The View.

We’ve ordered a few beers while enjoying the view.

IMAG3161 IMAG3162

But with all the mirrors it’s almost impossible to take any decent photos

Then we’ve headed down to photograph the Times Square

Then we’ve headed back to the hotel for some rest and I also wanted to call my sister who was in Amsterdam celebrating her birthday. Once I’ve turned the computer my dad told me about the sad news from France, well I guess you know the rest. But maybe because I was away from home, most specially in NY it hit me quite badly. I kept on following the news on telly trying to understand what was going on. It could have been us. But I guess this an important reason why we need to enjoy every moment we have, all of them, including the little things, because sometimes everything can get turned upside down.

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