.: New York Day 5 :.

The end of our week is approaching! It went to fast I have to admit, I really felt peaceful and enjoyed all my walks, even though it felt my legs couldn’t cope with all the miles. And yes, when I think about NY I don’t think about the buzz, I think about a quiet city with amazingly tall buildings and lots of good food available.

It was still quite rainy, so we’ve decided to explore Central Park in the rain.

The autumnal colours in central park were simply amazing! The photos don’t even show all the beauty around it, believe me!

It was also the day we’ve dedicated to some shopping. He wanted to buy soap so we went to visit a few stores.

And we had a stop for delicious hot chocolate. One of the best I’ve ever had

In the evening it was time to visit another rooftop, Upstairs. It was a shame they were having a party in the main area, so I couldn’t enjoy the best views, but the area we’ve stayed was really cosy!

Since I didn’t wanted any fancy cocktail, ended up ordering a Baileys

Baileys is a match made in heaven for chocolate fudge!

After that we went for a walk around. NY is one of those cities that is totally worth exploring at night. I would say it’s even more interesting at night. But without a tripod it becomes a challenge to make any decent photos. So mind the grain in the next photos


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