.: Cornwall & Devon :.

I’m really late with my photos. I guess this is what happens when you take so many! Trying to finish all of them so I can select the best ones for our 2015 book. We’ve agreed to select 30 photos each and print out a book. It’s going to be a though decision.

Anyway, back in May we’ve spent a long weekend away in Cornwall & Devon, just right after we moved houses.

We didn’t explore all we wanted to, because we only had 2 days really so we could return back home before all the madness of a long weekend.

Our hotel

There’s a lot of coast to explore, we probably need to go back to see everything properly. It’s just… it really takes ages to get there

One of the places we’ve had the chance to visit was Looe. Looe is quite a small town, but I have to say really charming, especially when the sun decided to show it’s grace.

You can see the differences between the 2 photos

We’ve decided to enjoy the hotel that afternoon. Next day, on our way back home we had a stop over in Brixham, which is very close to Torquay (english riviera)

One of the places I was really keen on visiting was the famous Durdle Door (which he insists on calling Dumbledore)


The reality was it was too cloudy and cold!

How to get there

I would recommend a visit around Sunset after checking weather conditions.

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