.: Let the season begin :.

Yap, December is finally here which means it’s the countdown for Christmas and lots of parties in between. I have to admit I get bored pretty quickly with Christmas music and the concept of christmas shopping is tiring. Ideally I’ll try to buy everything I can online and 1 month in advance so I don’t stress out closer to the date.

This year I had the idea of not buying anything for my sister and instead we’ve agreed a weekend away in Bordeaux in Jan which seems a much better plan. Quite excited about that. For my other half, because we’re planning a big trip next year and we have pretty much all we need we’ve agreed just something really small in order to have something to unwrap and a little surprise. So it’s pretty much my parents and my grandparents.

On the other hand, I love love the winter lights, having a warm drink (mulled wine, hot chocolate (with our without rum), you name it!) at home, love a fireplace – is there something more relaxing?


The Christmas lights are pretty amazing though (like those in Kew Gardens).

But I would say the best is to find a slot to have a lunch with your friends and just relax. One of those that you start at lunch and finish late in the evening. This weekend we’ve started with just that, a lovely feast (that final vodka was a killer!)

Our starters (Lots of portuguese stuff and halloumi with grilled mushrooms and mint which is so delicious!)

12232883_10156248757085035_6471349920390576518_o 12304218_10156248757095035_7423947009117021480_o

There’s going to be lots of turkey for the next weeks ahead, this is why we’ve decided in my team that we’re all going to a Japanese karaoke bar and have sushi for our “Christmas dinner” just for the fun of it (with Christmas jumpers and secret Santa anyway)

Because it’s December it means that I need to finish the 2015 photo book (which we’ve agreed to do with 30 photos from each) and also to revisit my yearly goals and think about next year. Although I’ve jumped ahead and the main one, the mini sabatical it’s already decided anyway 😀

Are you a Christmasy person? What is the think you like the most about December?

Note: None of the photos were taken by me, not even the food which was a friend of mine.


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