.: Kew Christmas Lights :.

Why did I wait so long?
I know about Kew Christmas lights ever since I moved to this area, and that was 4 years ago. Yap 4 years waiting to go! I guess the best tip is don’t leave it to the end. The weather in December and January tends to be quite rubbish so the best is to go at the beginning. This was the first weekend of the Kew Christmas Lights and finally I’ve booked tickets in advance.

My photos are a bit rubbish because I didn’t took the tripod with me. His photos will be a lot better because he was clever whereas I was the lazy one. But regardless of the quality of my photos

The fire garden was one of my favourite. Just looking into the fire and watching the flames was so relaxing and warm!

I totally recommend you to go there. Loads better than the overrated Christmas wonderland. There are not many market stalls, but they are spread along the gardens in case you need a hot chocolate to keep you going. I also had a hot dog before returning back home and it was quite tasty.

The night trail is available until 2nd of January, for more information visit the Kew Gardens website.

Have you been at Kew Christmas Lights before? What’s your favourite Christmas Market in UK? (Oh yeah, to me nothing beats the german christmas markets)

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