.: JW Marriott House of Essex :.

I’ve just arrived back home after a long flight: 7h flight + 2h delay + 30m waiting in Heathrow + 30m waiting for the bags and add up all the travel to and from the airport. Oh well you get the picture

But if we travel back in time, 1 week ago I was travelling to New York.

A stressful start in London

Right… so what if I say we’ve started our trip with lots of stress. Upon arrival at Heathrow, when we were checking our bags we had the lovely surprise saying his ESTA (European visa application for USA) wasn’t approved because it missed the “M” as part of the passport number. I felt my legs shaking, I just couldn’t believe that having done all the application process and entered all the details back in April, only now, a few hours away from the flights we could be grounded. Then, try to go through a long form using your mobile phone and your hands shaking because you feel like you’re running against time. In the end it was approved and we’ve managed to check in. But still I was nervous all the way until we’ve passed security in US. I wish we were told months before that there was an M missing… Oh well

Quite easy to do long flights these days with all the good selection of movies around. I’ve ended up doing 2 in a row and then decided to have a nap.

Travel from the airport

Upon arrival, all we had to do was to follow the instructions to find our shuttle. I find the shuttles the most price efficient way to travel to / from airports. I’ve discovered this process while on a business trip to Budapest. It’s pretty much like a shared taxi, meaning you get an affordable price because the taxi will be shared with other passengers, but you’ll be travelling door to door without the fuss of carrying your bags in the underground. From JFK we’ve used super shuttle (I have to admit I didn’t do much research this time because we’ve decided last minute this was the way we were going to travel).

I have to say we were not very lucky this time. Although it was super easy to follow the instructions and to find our driver, let’s just say that rather than take the most efficient route he decided to deliver the passengers on a first in first out basis, which meant we’ve seen our hotel in south central park but we’ve ended up going all the way to north Harlem and travelling in circles until we were back into south central park. This was quite unusual! So we were feeling quite sleepy by the time we’ve reached the hotel (23h30 local time | 04h30 in UK).

The Hotel
I did a lot of research before selecting the hotel I wanted to stay and have to say one of the first decisions I did was that it had to be next to the central park (yes I know, I was dreaming with a view to the central park!) and that’s how I found the House of Essex. It was exactly all I wanted and was hoping for! Before I jump ahead, upon arrival our room was ready and they’ve apologised for the fact that we hadn’t been upgraded as the hotel was fully booked. I was so sleepy to be honest all I wanted was to jump on bed… and I know very well by know how comfy and brilliant the Marriott beds are.

I did noticed though how glamorous and charming the lobby was. I didn’t took pictures, so will have to use the official ones.

When I’ve noticed the lifts I felt teleported to the Gatsby movie

I was actually contacted by the hotel a few days before my arrival, which was really helpful. They’ve send me a few instructions and also send me the dining menu as I was arriving late. But again, I was so tired I wasn’t feeling hungry at all. Was just craving for a hot tea, but guess what,unlike UK tea is not a commodity in the rooms.

The Executive Lounge

Early in the morning (was we were still pretty much UK time), we woke up at 06h30, so we’ve ended up enjoying a long shower and going for breakfast in the lounge and this is where the surprises really started. Such a lovely welcome!!! Seriously, the staff was so friendly I couldn’t stop smiling, felt a lot cheerful! Thanks guys!

Not the best lounge I’ve been, but it had a lovely decoration and lots of red fruits available for breakfast. 😀

Our room

Before I went for our first walk in Central Park, I’ve stopped by reception to see if we could get an upgrade this time, and they’ve arranged it all for us. We would have our room available in the afternoon. I’m so pleased we’ve managed to get an upgrade and a view to the central park!

This was our room for pretty much one week

Loved instantly the modern decoration and the plugs available in the chandeliers! So handy!

I had a lot of rest in this couch after all day walking!

Bathroom wise, pretty much the standard with aromatherapy products which I love

And a better picture from the bathroom

It was amazing to wake up every morning with the sound of the birds and the view to the central park. I really felt comfortable all the week! All the staff makes you feel welcome and happy really and the hotel itself is so charming and cosy with modern rooms. All I can wish for. Can’t recommend it enough and I have to say I miss it already!!!

Other information

House of Essex is located in South Central Park, so really convenient location for a morning walk in the park. Also, there are 2 major underground stops nearby. On the 8th street for A / C which are the fast route to downtown, or 57th street for the majority of the destinations. We’ve ended up walking pretty much everywhere.

Rooms at the House of Essex start at $296 a night, for more information visit the official website House of Essex.

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