.: Things I love in November :.

November is finally here! I love November because it’s my birthday month. Half of it, it’s thinking about preparing something special for my birthday and my friends and the final half is about preparing for Christmas.

The days are quite small and this is when the cold really settles in, but I don’t even mind that! This November I’m making the most of all things I love, that’s right pretty much all of them!

As you know by now, I love to travel around, and by that I don’t mean just flying somewhere nice, but visiting places or rediscover places I already know. If it’s sunny all I want is to go out and go somewhere. I guess I have to thank my parents for that, as we always went somewhere on Sundays, pretty much always! Whereas most of my friends never really went anywhere outside the side, we were on the mountains jumping between rocks or on the sea running along the water (yes, I guess as a child I didn’t mind running, I wish that was still the case nowadays).

This month I’m celebrating my 30 from last year and going New York. Probably most of you have already been in NY, but I never did a long travel in my life. First we didn’t had the money, then we didn’t had the time. Even my sister went already 2 times to Brasil and did NY this year in April. I won’t say NY is my dream destination, because I would be lying. My dream trip is Japan & Vietnam (which I hope I’ll do next year), but I’m curious to visit London’s American version.

The reason why I like to travel, is because of the other 2 things I love: Photography and Food


Ever since I’ve got internet connection – which was back in 2002 (before it was just that horrendous phone connection which only allowed 1/2h browsing) I love listening music and browsing gorgeous photos from all over the world. Then back in 2006 I’ve got my first camera just to capture a few moments. It was only later in 2008 that I’ve got my first DSLR (Canon 1000D), later upgraded to a Canon 60D in 2012. But more than just taking photos, I love marvelling myself with good photographers out there. It was only end of last year, once I’ve convinced him to join me in my photo walks that I felt I could really photograph all I wanted. In the meantime managed to buy a A6000 so I can do street photography. If I can I’ll always carry my camera around to take some photos, always trying to find a beautiful light or moment (ideally both together).

So in my head I’m already picturing all the amazing photos I want to do in NY. But there’s expectation and then there’s reality.

Which leads to the last topic


I love food, from all over the world, unpretentious, just delicious food. To me visiting a restaurant is all about the experience. It drives me mad when they add some fancy adjectives in the menu, big dishes and small portions and call it gourmet but then the service is cold and distant (This was my experience at Nomu in London for example). I prefer food that comes from the heart, sort to say. The best food experience I still remember was back in Alentejo more than 5 years ago. We left with such a big smile and such a warming and friendly service, I still dream about going back.

Normally I crave for pasta, crunchy bread with olive oil and anything with mushrooms, but love Vietnamese food, love a good steak, love chocolate and coffee (oh gosh, I really love the smell of coffee in the morning!) so yes I’m in love with food, delicious yummy food! To make the matters worst, now there’s a group of us at work that really loves food and wine, so have been spending loads recently.

What are the things you love the most? (I’m not counting with family and friends, I know we all love them!)

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