.: 8 Nights in NYC – 8 Rooftops :.

Can’t hardly believe my first time visit to NY is almost there! Most of the people I know have already been at least once, even my sister managed to get earlier in the year as well. But we’ve never really managed to reconcile our holidays long enough to be able to go, or prior to that when we left university we didn’t had any money. But hey, finally going 🙂

One of the things one must do while in NY is to explore the skyline, and a very good way to do so is to explore the different rooftops in the city. So I’ve decided to create myself a list of 8 rooftops I want to visit. I’ll confirm back those I managed to visit in the end – it will also depend on the weather, as November is not necessarily quite hot, and if it doesn’t rain I’ll be extremely lucky!

In no particular order:

W Downtown Terrace 

Sky Room


Tip – There is an happy hour Tuesday to Friday 5PM – 7PM

Bar d’eau


Rooftop Lounge Library Hotel

This one looks so romantic

Gallow Green

This one looks beautiful as well and a bit more weather proof

Sheltering Sky

The Strand

This is probably one of the most well known and also most expensive!

The view I’m expecting to get from my hotel

Yes that’s central park outside!

For the last night, the view will change to Times Square

Any recommendations from your side? Which rooftop should I really visit?



4 thoughts on “.: 8 Nights in NYC – 8 Rooftops :.

  1. Those look amazing. That picture of Bar d’Eau makes me want to check it out. Rooftop bars are something that NYC has a lot of, more than many other cities– I hope you enjoy them and I look forward to reading your reviews.


  2. hmmm well when i went for the 2nd time to NYC i stayed at a “cheap hotel” lol i travel with low budget… anyways i would say that The Pod Hotel 51 has a fantastic rooftop… the environment is really nice, full of young people and the cool bit about it is that there are always parties over there haha! is really cool you get to know really nice people from many different countries! But stunning views are not only available in Manhattan: The Z NYC Hotel in Long Island offers stunning views trust me! i have been in NYC 8 times… lol with a very tight budget and i have always manage to survive lol good luck and have fun over there!


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