.: Exploring Porto :.

Oh so hard to return after the holidays! I just had one week in Portugal in Lisbon and Porto. It was also a good opportunity to be with friends and eat loads (more than I’m used to!). But one of the things I was quite keen on doing was to take him to a Port Wine Tour. If we had more space in our luggage we would have the house filled with Port Wine. Seriously!

Although September tends to be a good month to visit Portugal, there was actually a storm (red alert) with strong winds (more than 110km/h) and lots of rain. On the day we arrived it was raining cats and dogs, but fortunately it stopped, but it was quite cloudy the whole day, which ruins our photos. You want to recognize a good photographer? Make him shoot in shitty weather. So clearly you can see which category I fit in.

Our afternoon was on Gaia, where the caves are. We’ve only managed to visit 2 as we had a dinner with a friend. I wish the afternoon was longer to visit loads more.

DSC00923 DSC00925 DSC00926 DSC00930 DSC00931 DSC00950 DSC00964-Pano DSC00997 DSC01000-Pano DSC01002


DSC01027 DSC01031 DSC01035 DSC01036 DSC01039 DSC01047

I loved both the white “Old Friends” (which we’ve bought) and the tawny. So delicious!!! Next time I’ll bring some cheese and chocolate from home 😀

Next stop: Sandeman 

DSC01057 DSC01065 DSC01073

The store is gorgeous! Love also the student cape, in terms of trademark it’s one of the best within Port. I didn’t really loved the ones we’ve tried so we didn’t bought any. But there was still another visit left “Quinta do Noval”. We loved the LBV and the “Black” (Tawny). But as the LBV needs to be consumed within 2 days, we’ve decided to take the Tawny, as it’s also easier to drik and share with friends.


Then it was time for dinner and chat with friends. It was an amazing visit and really looking forward to get back, hopefully with good weather!

3 thoughts on “.: Exploring Porto :.

    • Thanks a lot Connie, end up smiling 😀 oh please do, it’s totally worth it. You also have the tours to the caves which is quite nice as well. And if you still have some space a boat tour along Douro and the view from the vineyards


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