.: Beatrix Potter Tea Time :.

One of the things I was really looking forward to do on the lakes was to visit the Beatrix Potter tea room. Although I’ve never really read the books as a child (which is quite a shame) I love her drawings and illustrations. To me it’s like Disney before Disney ever existed, so magical!




Being in the lake district I had to stop by and have my tea in the tea rooms! We were not very hungry as we had lunch 1h before, but that was never an excuse, was it?

I went for the Tea & Scones

And how here’s the part I feel really proud, he said he prefers my scones! 😀 The tea was really delicious and served in lovely china it feels it tastes even better 🙂

Note to self: It was really greedy to ask for the cake as well, but it was so creamy and delicious!

After the tea, I went up to a quick visit to the shop

So adorable!!!! If you are near the lakes, please ensure a stop by 🙂



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