.: Exploring West Wittering :.

You know the feeling when you don’t even realise how much you miss something until you see it again? This was my feeling today with fluffy sand. Had no idea I was missing it as much as I did as soon as I took my shoes off and started to walk on it. Felt like jumping around and roll, and then the feeling of walking along the beach with my feet on the water. The south portuguese of me was more than delighted with the experience.

You see, living in London beach means a nice garden nearby and some sun, or in some lucky days a tour to Brighton (and for those of you that have been there, there’s no sand really). I had been in Bornemouth and Poole before, where there is sand as well, but this year I had not seen fluffy sand. I feel a lot happier now 🙂

I would definitely recommend West Wittering beach for an amazing day in the beach and just exploring around.

Love these little houses!!!

I felt like this fellah exactly!

Case to say no one in my family gets why I felt so happy with a visit to the beach haahahhaha

What’s your favourite beach in UK? And if you could fly somewhere, where would you go?

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