.: Bucket List – Albania Riviera :.

I had Albania on my wishlist for a long while and after seeing this post by Silvia from Heart My Backpack I want to go right now!

Amazing and unexplored beaches:

(Note all the photos below are credit to the original photographers)

Top 5 beaches in Albania

The Blue Eye – Saranda

Which places to visit


Dhermi, also known as the Albania riviera


How to get there?

As there is only 1 airport in the country, Tirania, there are 2 options really. Either fly to Tirania and then rent a car and drive all the way down, or, go via Corfu. Which I would say sounds like a very good option


Why should you travel to Albania?

  • Do you like to explore places less explored?
  • Do you like the raw landscape?
  • Are you happy without any big chain hotels and resorts and a simple lifestyle?
  • Do you want to disconnect from the world and just enjoy the beach?

If you had yes to most of the questions above, then I would say Albania Riviera is the place to go! The hotels / apartments there are quite cheap, I wish we could say the same about the flights! But if you book in advance I’m sure you can get a pretty good deal.

Have you been in Albania? Any tips you want to share?

2 thoughts on “.: Bucket List – Albania Riviera :.

  1. My friends recently visited Albania and blew me away with their photos… I knew absolutely nothing about the country it seems as it was far more beautiful than I had ever thought! Apparently it’s really reasonably priced once you get there, the pricey part is the flights!


    • I have to admit it was same here. Until I saw the blog post mentioned above I knew nothing about the country! Yes the flights are pricey and moving within Albania is not very easy but once you get there is pretty cheap!


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