.: Exploring English Pubs – The Woodman Banstead :.

I guess you know by now that I’m really keen on trying different pubs all over the country. I’m sure if I would ever leave UK, this would be one of the first things I would miss, and I would end up trying to find a pub away from home just to have that “feeling” again. Same way I miss a proper “patisserie”.

After our walk along the lavender farm, we were more than ready for some lunch outdoors. Via google maps, we’ve found out there was a nice pub really close to the farm, “The Woodman – Banstead

Official Photos

I didn’t went indoors, as he was the one ordering the food, but outdoors was better than the pictures show. It was a big space outside with some flowers on the tables. Really pleasant!

What I’ve also noticed, was their special drinks menu and a couple of gin cocktails

So yes, the choice of drinks felt really good! Although I was feeling so thirsty that all I wanted was water with lemon, and that’s precisely what I had. Maybe next time I’ll try the gin 🙂

Food wise, there is a good choice available in the menu, although I have to admit I wasn’t really impressed with the quality. His burger was too oily and my pasta was ok

We didn’t try the pudding, but looking into the amaretto cheesecake it really felt tempting! But, I guess just for the space outside it was really worth it 🙂

Would like to hear your thoughts

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