.: Boutique Hotels – The Bristol Hotel :.

As you know, I tend to stay a lot in Marriott hotels mostly so I can make the most of my points and enjoy a few weekends away, but once in a while I do enjoy experimenting a boutique hotel, like the one for my weekend in Cornwall.

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity of staying at the Bristol Hotel and I was seriously impressed!

Location – In front of the river in the Bristol Harbourside

The staff was really polite and friendly throughout my stay, then I reached my room which I felt was brilliantly decorated:

Love the chandeliers, so original!

The desk space, quite modern and neat

And I guess You’ve already noticed my favourite item in the room, the nespresso machine!!!! A few other details is that there were a few universal adapters, for people with European chargers.

A silly selfie on the coffee machine

Yes you can see me reflected on the machine 🙂 In most of the big brand hotels a nespresso machine only comes with upgraded rooms, but in the Bristol Hotel it’s quite the standard. Thank you guys!!!

Bathroom items:

I didn’t took pictures of the breakfast, but it was really delicious and you can see the river just in front of you.

Restaurant / breakfast area – Official Website

I have to say I had a great and experience at this hotel and I may be staying over again, even if there’s no points included.

Would like to hear your thoughts

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