.: Exploring English Pubs – Virginia Water :.

If there’s one thing I love about UK, it’s got to be the pubs. They come in different shapes really. The more traditional ones, where the wood smells like beer and the walls are covered in “carpet”

If you visit one of these pubs expect to see a cat coming out of nowhere. It has happened to me, true story!

Then you have some historical ones like the Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese

I totally recommend a visit to this place, it feels like a travel through time as you go down the stairs and explore the little rooms underground

Then there’s the beautiful ones, like this one below (which I still need to visit)

The White Swan, Stratford upon Avon

Or London most famous pub

The Churchill Arms, Kensington

Our favourite is just next door: One over the ait, Kew Bridge

So it’s very tempting to try to stop at the nearest pub when you’re feeling hungry just to explore around and have some comfort food.

The one we went today was the Wheatsheaf Hotel – Fayre & Square in Virgina Water


I went for the Rump Steak, normally I tend to have burger or the Sunday Roast if it’s Sunday

Pudding was the “Millionaire’s cheesecake”, as he can’t simply resist caramel cheesecake.

Really lovely and relaxing meal 🙂

What’s your favourite pub?


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