.: Road Trip in Italy :.

I love Italy. I seriously do! There’s something about Mediterranean countries and people: the love for good weather, good food and hospitality! I simply can’t resist good bread, olive oil, tomato and pasta.

Having been in only a few cities in Italy, it’s been on my wishlist for a long while now to do a road trip. I’ve done Rome, Venice (which really surprised me quite a lot!) & Milan (Disappointing!!!)

Day 1 – Genoa
I believe that Genoa gets really forgotten from a touristic point of view, but it has lots of potential and history as well. So looking forward to explore the city. I’m planning to fly via Genoa because it’s actually cheaper than say Florence.

For more information click here.

Day 2 & 3 (or maybe 4) – Cinque Terre

Ahhh, all these photos on the internet from Cinque Terre! It’s absolutely stunning





Manarola – The postcard everyone knows!




If you are planning to visit Cinque Terre I would recommend a visit to the official website, there’s a lot of useful information such as accommodation or how to travel around. The best way to get there and move between villages is by train.

Can’t hardly wait to go!!!

Day 4 – Pisa

A stop by Pisa is a must.

Day 4/5 – Florence – The Jewel of Italy

I think the pictures speak for itself right? So let’s speak about gastronomy then.

The pasta


The Wine – It’s Tuscany after all!

What are you waiting for?




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