.: Exploring Sintra :.

For those of you that follow my blog for a while, you will know that I love love love Sintra. I still hope that one day I’ll live there! It has everything, close enough to Lisbon, amazing forest and magical feeling, enchanted castles and a gorgeous coast, with some nice beaches as well! So all the chances I have to visit Sintra, I’ll taken them. (You can see an older post here)

We went to Sintra for Lunch. I’ll share that in a different post, because the place was amazing! Therefore we didn’t had that long to explore around.

Silly photo

Lovely door



And believe me, the photos don’t do it justice!

How to reach Sintra (from Lisbon):

* The easiest way is to rent a car and go there. I recommend this option simply because driving around Sintra is quite an experience as well. If you’re taking this option make sure you drive all the way to Cascais through the back-roads, you will have an amazing view of the coast! It takes roughly 30m from the city centre.

* By train, you can get the trains in several stations in Lisbon and I believe it takes 40/50m. I haven’t done this journey for a while so not sure anymore.

Where to stay:

* If you’re driving, then I recommend Penha Longa Resort. This place itself has a lot to explore.
* In the city centre you have historical Lawrence’s (It’s a charming 5 star hotel)
* Seteais Palace – I wish I could stay there myself, this place is gorgeous

What to see and do:

* Charming city centre
* Pena Palace – Breathtaking palace, a palace like no other in the world!!!
* Monserrate – It’s another palace, a bit smaller but the gardens are quite beautiful as well
* Quinta da Regaleira – This is my personal favourite. It’s linked to the templars, so you’ll have the chance to explore secret tunels. The palace is pretty charming as well. I’ve been there 5 times (I think) and I love it every single time

4 thoughts on “.: Exploring Sintra :.

    • I love your photos as well! I have such a love for Sintra, seriously, it makes me smile everytime I go there, and let’s say I go there all the time I’m in Portugal ๐Ÿ˜€

      Thanks for your visit and comment


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