.: Exploring good food – London Wishlist :.

I’m half way through my photos from my recent trip to Lisbon!!! Not enough time to go through them I guess. While that, going through my restaurant wishlist for London (need to do one for Bristol as well).

Shall we start? In no particular order

Gaucho – Steakhouse

There are a few spread across the city and I’ve heard a few people saying this is the best steak in London. Well curious me wants to ensure if this is the case or not. There’s a posh one in Richmond, which I’ve been looking forward to try

The steak

Flat Iron
Since we are talking about meat… the next one on the list is Flat Iron

This looks soooooo yummy!!!

This reminds me a lot of “Relais de Venise“, which can only be good!!

Dirty Bones, Kensington


Tea @ The Savoy

Fingers in the air for all those of you who want a chance for a tea @ The Savoy. Yap, I want it as well! I actually love tea and love eating brunch-type food.

One day it will be my day!

But for £50 a person, oh well, need to wait!

Chayada Thai, St Johns Wood

A chinese traditional tea house

Orange Pekoe, Barnes Bridge

Another tea house, closer to home


Kanada Ya, Ramen, Soho

Yap, I’ve tried to come to this tiny restaurant before, but the queue was something really massive. I will still try it again

Looks delicious!

Next door, The Strand, Thai

Yap, this place seems to have a lot of good reviews for the delicious thai food. Need to try it soon, especially when it’s next door to me (Kew Bridge)

Aqua, Shard

Yap, I’ve been longing to go to the Shard since it opened up!!! Who doesn’t?

One day I’ll photograph this view!

Pretty food too

Dim T, London Bridge

My favourite Dim Sum so far is Yauatacha. But always keen on trying different places. Dim T offers a good view

Dim Sum

Good view and good dim sum, I’m in!

Madison, St Pauls

Again, a nice view

Chorizo egg

Babyloon Roof Gardens

Yes I know, I’m choosing for the views. I guess I’ve really got into rooftops and views after watching the sunset in a rooftop bar in Lisbon. Sometimes it’s not just about the food, it’s the overall experience too

Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium

I’m actually following this project since it’s started the crowdfunding! Love love love the idea, but didn’t manage a visit yet

Department of Coffee and social affairs

I saw this place the other day and was in love with just the name alone!


In my pursuit to find the best coffee in London, I really need to try it out!

Daylesford Farmhouse Cafe, Notting Hill

This place looks incredible and so village like (loveeee it!). It’s all about local sourced food, so looking forward to a go

What’s on your wishlist?

Wish you all a great weekend 🙂


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