.: Food moments in Lisbon Part I :.

One of the highlights of being in Lisbon has to be the food! Amazing smells and food everywhere you go. So this was precisely what we’ve done as soon as we’ve landed: Portuguese breakfast

Torradas | Toast with proper bread

And coffee with milk

Our coffee with milk a lot stronger than I’m used to

Then some grocery shopping… ahhhh all the fresh fish available in the supermarket, wants!!! We went for a walk and watch one of the best sunsets I’ve ever seen (I’ll share it as soon as I’ve checked all the photos)

Ok Ok just a sample, here you go

zen moment

Gorgeous, isn’t it?

For dinner we’ve decided to go to a traditional portuguese restaurant, famous for the steak in stone:

@Paco de Carnide

Black Iberian pig – the meat was simply delicious!!!

The meat was absolutely divine! There is always space for pudding!

Cookie cake

This is just day one! Expect a lot more food-posts very shortly

4 thoughts on “.: Food moments in Lisbon Part I :.

    • I know, it was simply beautiful! And I had no tripod with me, but at least had my camera 😀 Yes, the cake was pretty delicious, the boys had the chocolate cake and it was simply perfect.


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