.: About starting a whole new life :.

If you are like me, I’m sure you follow travel blogs who have written at some stage something in the lines of: “why I’ve quit my job and decided to travel the world and never looked back ever since”. I have and in many ways I “envy” them.

First of all, because I don’t have what you can call “the dream of my life”. I like too many things to be honest, I love tasting food, I love to travel – even staycation – I love photography, love taking photos and love to write. That’s quite a lot without being an expert in any of those. I wouldn’t be able to choose just one and focus on that to make it a career. So I haven’t yet found the thing that makes me want to wake up at 06a.m every day to go to my work. I like my job, I wouldn’t be doing it if I didn’t. But if you ask me if it was my dream-job, probably I would say it’s not.

Then there’s the whole cultural aspect of it. If it’s quite common to have people here in UK that wake up one day and decide to leave it all behind and start a brand new life, it would be an exception back in Portugal. We are thought that we’ll work until we retire – or even after that. That we need to save for our future, for our kids and saving for most of people takes a lifetime. I don’t know actually anyone who would simply change their life upside down. You see, even changing jobs was perceived as something radical for my parents. “Are you unhappy where you are? Is your boss treating you badly?” Following different opportunities is perceived risky for them.

So yes, I doubt I’ll be one of those people who will wake up and say that’s it, I’m following my dream. I won’t.

But here’s what I’ve learnt. I’ve learnt to take it easy, to enjoy the little moments, that amazing sunset, a nice meal in a restaurant, walking together back home. All of those are important to me. And also I’ve learnt that it doesn’t matter if you have an amazing career if you feel empty, so it’s important to define what’s really important to us and take it easy. If I can I will travel, either cities around me or somewhere in Europe. I know I’m not saving as I could and I don’t have much in the bank, but at the same time I need to enjoy while I have the energy to do so and that’s little by little.

If I would love to live somewhere with a sea-view, listening to music, writing and photographing oh yeah I would love to but realistically I wouldn’t be able to pay my bills with that and I even doubt I could do it as a full time job.

So I guess in the end, regardless of what you dream is, do whatever you believe works for you. Don’t just do what is trendy to, or what society expects you to but understand who you really are and what fits your life 🙂

The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have (Vince Lombardi)

Have you ever thought about changing your life upside down? What’s holding you?


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