.: Friday Nigh pub :.

Having just returned from another week away, we’ve quickly decided that we both wanted go out for dinner. My first choice was the new pub next door: One over the Ait, and I’m so glad I went!

We’ve discovered “One over the ait” in December last year and we were amazed (You can check my first review here)! First by the decoration itself, it’s so cosy and beautiful! Love the canoe on top of the bar, love the staircase to the upper floor (which we haven’t explored yet) and the chalkboard where you can find the specials of the day. Although we live next door, we didn’t had the chance to return, but tonight was the night. What if I say I love it even more?

All the staff is really friendly, the ambience is perfect and the food is really tasty.

I’ve started with a Chimay Blue. This is such a great Belgium beer!

Belgium beer and mussels? Will try next time

For the mains, and just because it’s Friday, I had the burger. Really tasty burger and crunchy fries.

Such a sexy nasty burger

Yummy fries

The pudding was even better (we went for brownies with ice cream)

Happy Calories all the way through!

The cheery on top of the cake was the live music!

Live Music

The perfect place to go on a Friday and start your weekend with a big smile 🙂

Kew Bridge is way richer now

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