.: Exploring Brighton :.

Brighton was one of the first places I’ve visited when I moved to UK, but that was a few years ago so I was keen to get back. As he hadn’t seen Brighton yet, that was our destination for today.

While I was waiting for him to finish his photos decided to make a silly photo

Lunch break @ Fishy Fishy

The bread was just so delicious!

They had Portuguese Green Wine (Vinho Verde)

Crab linguine

Not only the place was really lovely, but the food was quite good too. And oh, good service as well. Once I’m back into Brighton I’ll be back 🙂

The Royal Pavilion – I love this place

How to reach Brighton

  • It’s actually very easy, as there’s loads of trains from London Bridge, London Victoria and Clapham Junction. It’s the same train line as the trains to Gatwick Airport.

What to eat

  • Fish! Being a coastal town and if you like fish, make sure you try one of the many fish restaurants available. Today we’ve tried Fishy Fishy and it was really good! You can check the list available in TripAdvisor here.

What to see

  • Royal Pavilion – This place is so incredible, suddenly you forget you are in UK at all but in India instead. I’ve never been inside but I’m sure it’s worth the visit. Adult tickets cost £11
  • North Lane – It feels like a mixture between Camden Town & Notting Hill. A really amazing shopping area and worth the visit for the quirky shops.
  • Brighton Pier – It’s a funfair most of all, but the views from the Pier are just amazing! Also make sure you have a walk along the stone-beach (there’s no sand in Brighton! If you want a sandy beach you’ll have to go from Bournemouth onwards)

For more information you can also check local bloggers

Have you been in Brighton before?


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