.: Christmas Markets – Dusseldorf & Cologne :.

Finally I had a chance to look at my photos. Didn’t took as many as I would like too and since I didn’t had a tripod I didn’t took any photos on the evening – which is the most beautiful part. But hopefully you’ve seen his photos from the previous post.

1st morning – Dusseldorf


I really love this awesome buildings below. Really impressive

The down-town is quite pretty as well. Fortunately it wasn’t painfully cold!

Next stop: Cologne and the famous Koelner-Dom

Did you know that there are 7 different Christmas Markets within Cologne? The most famous one is the Cathedral one, and mostly known by tourists. The locals love the Rudolfplatz and I love the old market one!

The gluhwein (mulled wine) with rum is just the best!

Seriously the markets are amazing when night falls! The light decorations are the best I’ve ever seen! Impressive. I took a few photos with my phone:

These trees are magical

My christmas mug collection this year:

Day 2 back to Dusseldorf

Last gluhwein

Famous Nord-rhine chocolates

What’s your favourite Christmas Market?

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