.: Christmas Markets – A look from his lens :.

I’ve just returned last night from a weekend away in the German Christmas Markets in Dusseldorf and Cologne. I wanted to show him the magic of the German christmas markets, which I ended up craving for after more than 2.5 years working in the country. It was a lovely weekend away but I have to say now I feel a weekend to rest from it!

As I didn’t had time to download my photos into my computer, I’m doing an unusual post and sharing his photos instead. He’s quite happy that he has a light compact camera with wifi included (Lumix LF1) – for such a small camera I have to say I’m impressed with the quality!

I’ll share my photos next weekend – I’ll try!


Some photos at the airport:

Our first night was in Dusseldorf – Unlike my original plan, I didn’t manage to visit the Christmas market that evening, we decided to enjoy our hotel instead. We fell in love with the fireplace:

Dusseldorf walk in the morning

Then we’ve headed to Cologne

He had his first currywurst. For those of you who know currywurst can you tell me what’s your favourite one? Because to me the best one I’ve ever had is still the one in Bochum!

The eggnog was delicious and so was the gluwhein!

Cathedral Market – this is the touristic one

But if during the day it looks nice… wait for the evening! The markets become absolutely magical with all the lights around. I didn’t took any nocturnal photos with my camera, just with my phone so expect crap once I post them

Look at this tree, isn’t it perfect??

And once I’ve noticed this decoration I could hardly believe it!

Magical isn’t it? 🙂

What’s your favourite Christmas Market?


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