.: Places I want to visit in 2015 :.

Looking back into 2014, it wasn’t a bad year at all in terms of travels, and I’m not even including work related travels.


For work I did:

  • Budapest
  • Dusseldorf
  • Vienna
  • Bristol
  • Edinburgh

It wasn’t bad at all. For 2015 I need to plan a bit better so I can do more journeys 🙂 What I’m planning to do:

Poland: Warsaw

Poland – Krakow 

There’s regular trains Krakow <> Warsaw, you can check here

Czech Republic – Prague

Denmark – Copenhagen 

This is definitely on my wish list for early next year. One of the main reasons is because of the famous Danish food which includes lots of seafood.

Sweden – Stockholm 

Netherlands – Amsterdam

Believe it or not I’ve never been in Amsterdam before. So we’ve agreed that next year we’ll be going with my parents.

Toronto, Niagara Falls & NYC

Finally I may be travelling to Toronto and NY next year, as our summer holiday (around early September, as we both hate holidays in August)

A few others I want to do

Visit Ireland countryside

Go back to Scotland

Lille – France

Where do you want to go next year?


7 thoughts on “.: Places I want to visit in 2015 :.

  1. Krakow is just gorgeous, you will love the city. I would definitely spend more time in Krakow than Warsaw as there is so much more to do around the Krakow area and a rather fabulous ice cream shop that you need to visit.
    Planning in advance is always a good idea unless of course you win the euro millions then no planning required 😉 xx


  2. I really liked Copenhagen (and the food!). You do need to book in advance though because places get booked up quickly. We stayed in a fabulous Air BnB in Amsterdam – great location in the 9 streets area and in a big loft with an upstairs so lots of space.


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