.: A morning walk & Massage :.

Because my birthday is getting closer and next weekend we will be away, I was offered a Spa day with a 30m massage. We had a 30m walk from our house into the SPA, and I felt amazing! Just wish I had my proper camera with me.

Let’s go for a walk, shall we? (All the photos below were taken with my phone)

These yellow trees are just in front of our building, they look so adorable

Then it’s a lovely walk along the Thames, I feel so lucky for living here!

This place looks as beautiful in Autumn colours as it does covered in snow! (For the snow photos check my Let it snow post – in my main blog). Back to Autumn

I have to try this little pubs along the river! I have been here before but they tend to be quite crowded in the afternoon


The sunlight in the morning is quite unique isn’t it? Today was absolutely beautiful

Love these doors, they look so pretty and welcoming

Finally we’ve reach the Spa. We went to this one in Chiswick: Roko. We couldn’t really enjoy the pool because there were only 4 lanes, and there were many people around. Did a bit of sauna and jacuzzi before going for massage.

Oh boy, I did discovered pain in my back I didn’t know I had. Apparently because of working with 2 computers at the same time and keep on turning, I apply to much pressure on my back and shoulders. I had loads of pain, but after 30m massage I felt a lot more relax. My muscles felt like screaming and shouting “Please be more careful on how you sit!”. Yap, guess I need to be more careful.

How do you like to enjoy your mornings?

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