.: Cotswold Wildlife Park :.

Today I wanted to go to Oxford to have a nice walk and photograph a bit. We’ve left the house around 11h20 and we’ve arrived at 12h30. But we’ve got stock in traffic for 30m and as progress was being slow we gave up. Then I noticed the sign for the Cotswold Wildlife Park, and I had never been there… why not?

I was really positively surprised by this place. If you life anywhere nearby have a go (if you haven’t done already).

This park is part of the famous Cotswolds, which is a place I simply love and haven’t explore enough! I have been in Burton on the water (But can’t find the post). So enough words and let me show you:

Make love to the camera, yeah baby:

What’s up doc

Are you following me?

Give me a smile (ohh this fella is so cute)

And another one – I’m sexy and I know it

I need some love!

Yes that’s it, please continue human

Tell me I look good

Walking on sunshine ohhhh ohhhh walking on sunshine

C’mon just give me a hug

Excuse me, would you mind telling me the way to Madagascar?


Sergei let’s conquer the world

Now getting ready for another crazy week. Enjoy your week 🙂


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