.: Budapest :.

I had been in Budapest a few times for work, but I never had the chance to explore the city before, as it tends to happen when you travel for work. I knew the view to the Buda Castle from my hotel room. So this was the time.

I actually bought the flights early April for a weekend away in September, to make sure I would really be going this year and would not stay somewhere in my wishlist of things to do and places to visit (I can tell you it’s quite a big list!)

You know about my 1st class flight already (While flying), so now let me show you around – all the photos below are hosted on my facebook page.

Well actually, let me just say because of the view I had from the hotel and all the comments I had from different people my expectation was really high!

View from Buda Castle during the day (it really looks different from the nocturnal view I was used to)

The buildings around me reminded me a bit of Lisbon, where you can see the potential and the beauty, but somehow they looked too dark (maybe the fact that it was quite cloudy didn’t help)

I’m so upset that I didn’t manage to take a proper photo from the Parliament, seriously!


The market

Sunset from our hotel room

The hotel I used to stay (Marriott)

Expectation (Photo below by Nicholas Olesen)

My reality

It’s still a beautiful city, I guess I just should have planned a bit better to make sure I would go to all the right spots. Anyway we only had 1 day in the city, next day breakfast and go to the airport. And guess what, next day it was gorgeously sunny!!!!!

Have you been in Budapest? Any recommendations?

3 thoughts on “.: Budapest :.

  1. Budapest is relatively underrated but there is so much to see. A truly beautiful European city. I only spent two nights there and loved in. The views from Fisherman’s Bastion are great, as well as the views from St Stephens Basilica.


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