.: While flying :.

(Written on my flight to Budapest but only now had the chance to publish it)

And who would ever say I would be back, I have to admit a part of me missed the adrenaline of rushing to catch a flight and visiting new places… Well more like new offices and new airports.

But here I am, 3rd flight of this week and 4th city. I didn’t miss the delays but the journey yes, I kinda did. I wish I could visit more places (on holidays). Would be nice to walk around and discover something new, new cultures, new buildings, new wines, new ways of drinking coffee and photograph it all.

Meeting new people would be great too, except that I’m the shy type. Can’t just approach people out of the blue. Sometimes would be great if I could do a bit more. Oh well

(Pause for food)

Just finished a nice meal in flight! Yap, this was my upgrade week from BA. It does feel nice!!! (Thanks BA) Now a nice bed would do wonders.

But back to where I was, there’s something great about doing a journey and as you know by now, I tend to think of it end to end.

I get fascinated by all those bloggers out there who do it as a lifestyle. Not sure if it’s as romantic as it sounds, but from this side of the screen looks awesome! There’s so much to discover and I don’t even mean just those exotic places.

Have you noticed  the new cosy restaurant next door? They may have a culinary tour and would would love to welcome you, or that park next to your house that you keep saying you should visit?

Sometimes if you dare to explore it you’ll see so much more in your usual places. I’ve realised that myself a few years ago when I decided to visit my own city from a touristic point of view. I was amazed. So much I hadn’t noticed before . Or recently I’ve noticed this amazing sunrise from the airport and among 10 colleagues I was the only one that seem to have noticed.

So dare to explore and dare to see the world with new eyes and try things that you hadn’t tried before, maybe you’ll get a surprise.

Have you discovered something unexpected you would like to share?


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