.: Let the journey begin :.

Not sure how many of you out there actually follow my main blog (MissLilly’s), which is about nothing and everything at the same time. As random as the thoughts in my head.

But recently I found myself posting mostly about food, travel and obviously photography, so I found it was about time I could have a dedicated space for that.

Why do I call it a journey? Well most of all I believe it’s not just about going from A to B, it’s about meeting new people, trying different foods and trying to see things from a different perspective. It won’t always be fancy travel, most of the times will end up being small things like a visit to a new restaurant nearby, a visit to a specific store. It’s all about the steps which in itself are part of the journey.

I don’t know yet how it will end up evolving, but I guess even that is part of the journey too. So let the journey begin!


Would like to hear your thoughts

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